Conservation and anti-poaching

“ ...Every person has the duty to protect the natural resources of the United Republic of Tanzania…” Article 27 of The Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania

For us, trophy hunting and conservation is one thing. As custodians of our natural inheritance, what gives us the right to hunt is the continuous commitment and determination to protect and conserve the wildlife and its habitat. We should never disregard this moral obligation.

Few hunting companies in Tanzania can match the successful anti-poaching track record and wildlife population recovery achieved in the concessions that I managed in the past. It is not a matter of just spending money in anti-poaching, but rather one of being motivated in conducting it in an intelligent and determined manner.

One can spend a lot of money in anti-poaching and achieve very little while others, just to please or impress their client, claim they do anti-poaching whereas they actually don’t do and don’t care.

What it takes is dedication, great enthusiasm for the task and taking pride in the achievements that create the best results in anti poaching and conservation. In my 28 years of professional hunting, I consider my biggest professional accomplishments as not only the great trophies I got my clients, but also the great achievements in anti-poaching and conservation.

After all, we are what we repeatedly do...

"All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke