Watts Family 2017, USA

We have to actually think about how many times we have been on Safari with Michel and MMS safaris. The safaris add up and the memories do as well. We returned to Tanzania for our fourth safari with MMS and this time we were...[more]

Poul Falck, 2017, Denmark

I was hunting around Lake Natron in September 2017. During the hunt, I visited all three camps. They all were very different  - and very comfortable. The staff were helpfull and kind – and the food was delicious. My PH was...[more]

Igor Dontsov, 2017, Russia

The areas are excellent, the camps are excellent, the staff are excellent, organization is excellent, the PH is excellent! Igor Dontsov Russia [more]

Craig Boddington Endorsed Outfitters

I first hunted with Michel Mantheakis back in 1988, and have considered him like my little brother ever since. He is a hunter's hunter, extremely capable and knowledgeable, a fine judge of trophy quality, and one of the best I've...[more]

John Zillmer / David Zillmer / Dennis Cronin, 2017, USA

 It is hard to put into words the quality of the experience we have had hunting with Michel and his team. This was our second trip to Lukwati and the quality and variety of game is extraordinary. Combined with exceptional...[more]

Mecislav Klimovic, 2017,

We are back and are very satisfied with our safari, thank you!The animals that were taken, even Alfreda shot her zebra))The camp, the food, the team - all was perfect, thank you very much! Mecislav Klimovic Lithuania[more]